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Choki Motobu, the founder of the Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu style of karate, was born in Okinawa. Although his father was the chief instructor of a traditional family karate style known as Motobu-ryu, Choki was unable to train under his father or succeed him as the chief instructor since he was his father's third born son. By Okinawan tradition, the father's art and school could only be passed on to the first born son. Because of this , Choki Motobu was forced to study under a number of masters in various provinces of Okinawa. This explains, in part, the large number of Katas that are part of the Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu style of Karate.

Choki Motobu had no sons, and as result , his son-in-law Sogiyo Kuniba became the heir of Choki Motobu's school in Osaka, Japan. Kuniba named the style Motobu-Ha in honor of his late father-in-law.

Kuniba had a son, Shogo, late in life. Shogo was twenty-seven and had attained the degree of San-Dan (third degree) when his father died. As his father's heir, he inherited his father's art by Okinawan tradition and was automatically promoted to Eight Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of the Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu Seishinkai (pure heart club), in Osaka , Japan.

Because of Shogo Kuniba’s young age, dissension developed among some of the senior instructors within the organization. Shortly after Kuniba’s death, a number of senior instructors including Shimabukuro (who was by then a Ninth Degree Black Belt at the time) broke away to form their own organizations. Most notable among them were Tero Hayashi and Chuzo Kotaka.

Tatsuo Shimabukuro who was from Japan was Bayani Adlawan's Sensei. Tatsuo Shimabukuro developed two Sensei (teachers). Kenneth Matsumoto who established schools in South Africa and Bayani Adlawan who was the senior of the two and the founder of the Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation in 1968 in Los Angeles, California as a NON-Profit Corporation.

Adlawan Sensei founded the Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation as a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION by itself and not affiliated with any other school, group, or organization in California in 1968 and registered the Federation as such.

Bayani Adlawan was the Chief Instructor of the federation until his passing on September 1,1987. Before his death he related to the DANSHA (all the Black Belts in the Federation) at a meeting in his home on June 13,1987 that he had chosen (at that time) Waka Sensei Margarito Gaspar to succeed him as the Chief Instructor of the Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation and hold the Title of "KYOSHI". At the time of Adlawan's Sensei passing, Margarito Gaspar, Waka Sensei, was a Go-Dan (Fifth Degree Black Belt).

On November 17,1976 Bayani Adlawan Sensei had written a "WILL" that designated that upon his passing away (Bayani Adlawan's) that Margarito Gaspar be automatically promoted to Roku-Dan (Sixth Degree) and the Title of "KYOSHI".

On July 20,1987 Adlawan Sensei wrote a letter of last request, that five years after his passing Margarito Gaspar "KYOSHI" be promoted to Hachi-Dan (Eight Degree) in order to perpetuate the federation and it's growth for the future.

Upon visiting Oahu, Hawaii and meeting with a well known and respected Karate Master in Shorin-Ryu, Shihan Walter Nishioka of the International Karate League. Margarito Gaspar "Kyoshi" was told by Shihan Walter Nishioka ( a very good friend of Bayani Adlawan Sensei) that his technical title would change and now be that of "HANSHI" because of the passing of Adlawan Sensei and his last request that Margarito Gaspar be promoted to Hachi-Dan (Eigth degree).

On February 28, 1995 Margarito Gaspar Hanshi let it be known to the Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation YUDANSHA (all the Black Belts in the Federation) that he had chosen Lilia Gaspar to succeed him in case of his demise. And that her technical Title would now be that of "KYOSHI".

As of December 2007 the Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation has become a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.


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 Fed. Tournament at Bell Gardens High School Gym, City of Commerce,1987. Left to right: Lilia Gaspar, Elizabeth Cardenas, Hanshi Gaspar, O'Sensei Adlawan.


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