Federation Mission Statement

The Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation is a team of certified Black Belts that are committed to train you both mentally and physically through Karate-do

The Kenjutsuryu karate Federation inspires self-confidence, discipline, humility, and physical well-being creating leaders from our communities for our communities.

O’Sensei Adlawan, Bayani


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The Kenjutsuryu Karate Federation

is a 501c3 Non-Profit Foundation.

Our non-profit Tax ID number can be provided upon request.



2518 Gaspar Avenue

Commerce, CA 90040


Tel & Fax (323) 724-4906



Principles of Karate
Henceforth, I shall faithfully train to strengthen my mind and body.

I am willing to endure rigorous training to achieve my goal.

As my strength increase I shall seek to cultivate a gentle heart.

I shall not use my skill outside the dojo except in the most extreme circumstances.

At all times I will try to avoid inflicting injury upon another person.

I will not boast about my skill, nor use it maliciously.

I shall train with the spirit of humility.

O’Sensei Adlawan, Bayani



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